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Abdulaziz bin Ibrahim al-muhana

Abdulaziz Al-Muhana is one of the leading professionals in the legal profession in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. His experience spans more than 27 years in the judiciary and the legal profession across many of the government bodies and private institutions.

He served as a judge in the general courts in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for a period of (25) twenty-five years

In which he held several positions within the judicial hierarchy until he was appointed by a royal decree as an appeal judge

And while working at the general courts he passed judgment on other issues beyond the scope of the work of those courts

Such as

Issues related to medical malpractice, which are concerned with health practitioners, whether they are doctors or nurses or technicians or health specialists at the Ministry of Health for a period of about thirteen years

As well as issues of  publications , including intellectual property issues and  the violation of intellectual property rights , whether visible or audible or programs or other which relates to property rights in any work of art , whether a book or a film or tape and so on.

He was and still is the head of the judicial committee that has authorization to settle disputes at the ministry of culture and information.

He is a member of the real estate conflict resolution committee at the ministry of commerce in Saudi, and was consulted for several matters, presently, he is also a consultant to the organization of human rights in Saudi.



In addition to his work, he is appointed at a number of financial institutions as a member of the committees assigned to review the legitimacy of these institutions contracts and transactions.